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About The Author

Terrance Pleasant, a native of Texas, is an ambitious self-motivator who has always had a success-driven mentality. Being a musician was his winning ticket, so he thought. Terrance would spend his last dime in hopes of getting one step closer of fulfilling his dream, not knowing when or where the next dime would come from, until one day he realized budgeting and saving was key. He remembers making $100 stretch for weeks, so when he finally started receiving a consistent paycheck, he decided to create a $100 weekly personal allowance that would allow him to spend it as freely as he would like. The rest of the paycheck would go towards expenses and savings. After realizing how much money he was saving, he began sharing this strategy with friends and family, encouraging them to create savings goals and ensuring they would still have money to spend freely. "In order to be financially free, one must know the value of a penny before spending their last dime." It takes patience, practice, and time to form new habits. Those are the key principles in establishing the fundamental foundation of financial security. The Budget Bible will hopefully enlighten and influence you to CASH (Create a Successful Habit). 

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